Anti-bullying Ambassador Programme

The establishment of a peer support ambassador programme in a school or college can help eradicate many of the issues and worries that children and young people face.  All state schools must by law have an anti-bullying policy and schools and colleges have a duty to protect all its students. 

Training a group of ambassadors to act as mediators, champions and to disseminate a clear message around anti-bullying will enable students to make each other feel safe and supported.  It will also create an ethos in school that delivers a clear message to all that bullying is not a accepted at your school or college.

From name calling to teasing, to isolation and physical abuse the training for ambassadors prepares the students to return to school and launch the peer led programme of support.  Many will aim to do this around the November time when Anti-bullying week is launched each year, although the creation of the programme is a vital cog in any schools/colleges anti-bullying policy.

Course Details - up to 40 students deluvered over 1 day

  • What is bullying and why people bully
  • Listening skills and mediation
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Confidentiality and boundaries
  • Launch back at school/college – questionnaire, assembly, activities etc


  • To demonstrate that the school/college takes bullying seriously and that the students are ambassadors of this message to disseminate back in school to all
  • To take measures to prevent all forms of bullying in the school and during off-site activities
  • To support everyone in actions to identify and protect those who may be bullied
  • To promote an environment where children and young people feel they can trust and tell another person
  • Promote positive attitudes in pupils and create a positive and safe environment


  • Raised awareness of bullying in school for both staff and students
  • Increased awareness of students in taking appropriate action and ‘speaking up’
  • Students in school and college feel more supported and safe
  • Positive in promoting Every Child Matters outcomes and promoting students participation and student voice
  • Embed the anti-bullying ambassador programme into a school or colleges anti-bullying policy
  • Production of display and assembly presentation to launch in school

‘Just a note to thank you for an excellent training session with our students.  From start to finish the day was entertaining, productive, informative and ensured that the learning outcomes we planned before hand were met.  Once again a big thank you.’

Jen Birch, Temple Moor High School, West Yorkshire