Bring your prefect system into the 21st century.

Our 1 day prefect training workshop prepares students to become effective leaders.  An inter-active workshop training style mirrors the delivery used within industry and commerce.  Students not only focus upon the skills required to take up leadership roles within school or college but are also able to gain an insight and understanding of how these skills are transferable to other situations in their future career plans.  

Training, coaching and developing the students over the day enables the students to see how they can fit into the wider picture and make a real contribution to the school or college.  Complimenting existing practice within schools students are able to take on a role within school developing areas, such as mentoring, reading support, school council, sports development, homework clubs, raising attainment support and other extra curricular areas.  Students may wish to support specific projects already set up or establish new ones.

Course Details - 1 day programme for up to 50 students per session

  • Clarifying the role of the prefect
  • Dealing with responsibility
  • Assertiveness and communication skills
  • Team work and leadership styles
  • Contracting of responsibilities


  • Clarification of the prefect role within schools and colleges – demystify the role and bring it up to date and fresh
  • Re-launch existing school/college prefects systems with a positive, upbeat training session
  • Supplement existing school/college citizenship programmes
  • Provide the students with the confidence to feel they can ‘make a difference’
  • An opportunity for student voice to be heard


  • More effective prefects, head girl, head boy
  • Collective responsibility around school with students actively participating in the running and organisation of school and college activities
  • Enhancement of key skills, ROA, UCAS
  • Motivating students and personal development of prefects
  • Gives young people the chance to take up opportunities that’s in turn will motivate them
  • Evidence for Ofsted and SEF's, Healthy Schools and many others


‘Thank you for an outstanding day with our pupils.  It was everything I had hoped for, and ten days on I can see clear gains in confidence and motivation on the part of our prefects.  They were extremely positive about the day, and there is now an excellent sense of purpose in this year group’

Carol Stanger, teacher, Sir John Thursby School, Burnley, Lancs