Developing strong presentation skills in an individual can lay the foundations for many obstacles that someone will encounter on their life journey.  In young people in particular developing these transferable skills will contribute to all aspects of school and college life and prepare them for their next steps.  Creating confident more self aware young people will have a positive impact when entering the world of work or entering post 16/18 education.

The one day course deals with many skills required to be successful in life from dealing with nerves, body language, confident speaking, self awareness and preparing to present and is an asset builder for both young people and adults alike.

Students are given a pre-course activity to complete and bring along on the training session that forms the major part of the day.

Course Details up to 30 students over 1 day

  • Ice breakers and rapport building
  • Overcoming fear and nerves
  • Building self confidence
  • Speaking with confidence
  • Body language
  • Structure of presentations
  • Delivery and feedback


  • Opportunity for students to practice presentations in a non-threatening environment
  • Chance for peer feedback to one another
  • Develop transferable skills that will contribute to their future economic well-being
  • Opportunity for students to experience industry style and level workshops


  • Positive attitudes developed around presenting
  • Increased confidence of individuals
  • Improvements in self-awareness
  • All students deliver a presentation and receive feedback
  • Students understand link between skills and future career aspirations and options

‘I didn’t really know how our students would react on the day but I was amazed to see them all get up and deliver.  The pre-course information that was sent out for them was excellent and ensured the students understood how important it is to be confident and believe in yourself, overcome nerves and be able to overcome difficult situation that are thrown in your way.  Many thanks.’


Carly Giles, West Leeds High School, Leeds