Our one day team building training session provides participants the opportunity to utilise skills and attributes that they may not realised they had.  Developing personal skills and qualities such as team work, problem solving, organisation and taking on leadership roles the participants are able to experience situations and tasks that will motivate them throughout the day. 

These transferable skills not only contribute to the future economic well being of the students but also enable students to become more self aware of the types of skills and qualities that will be required for whatever next steps they are to take in their futures.

Delivered workshop style and using both industry and enterprise activities and tasks, students will leave the day with a clear understanding of not only what personal and social skills they possess but also the significance of these skills for their future career options.

The session can be used as preparation for work experience, part of enterprise activities, year 7 induction, 6th form induction week or as part of a school/college personal development of young people.

Course Details - up to 50 students at any one session

  • A themed activity throughout the day covers the following area
  • Skills audit baseline
  • Team dynamics
  • Leadership and team roles
  • Communication
  • Risk taking


  • Create an opportunity for the  students to step outside of their comfort zone and take risks
  • Encourage students to understand the importance of transferable skills such as team building, co-operation, negotiation skills, choices
  • Chance for students to examine their own behaviour and how this effects others around them
  • Opportunity for students to inter-act with others in a different classroom setting


  • Increased confidence, motivation and social skills
  • Increased awareness of behaviour and how this effects others
  • Greater understanding of not only a set of transferable skills but also how these relate to future career aspirations
  • Evidence for SEF of outcomes for students developing wider skills such as working in teams, leadership, risk taking, enterprise etc