As Education changes rapidly the needs of our young people have become more personalised and many schools have looked towards the vertical tutoring system as a means to achieve this goal.  Traditional tutor or form groups sees the form tutor dealing with up to 30 young people from the same year all at the same time with support spread very thinly to accommodate this.

Vertical tutoring is a way forward to ensure that the needs of young person are met both by the form tutor but also by other students within the form.  The system consists of mixed age form groups registering for around 25 minutes every day, and will include 6th form students if this school has them.  Each form will consist ideally of no more than 4/5 students from each group, thus ensuring that the form tutors will only have to deal with up to a maximum of 5 students for any age related activities eg. work experience, transition through the key stages, options etc.

The key to the vertical tutoring system is making the most of the young people within each form.  Young people learn best from each other and a system which supports this will create a family or house system with all students supporting each at different stages of there schooling life.

Apart from the clear advantages of the system:

  • improved communication and behaviour
  • progress can be tracked easier within each form
  • more targeted intervention during the registration period when it is needed most
  • assemblies will have more emphasis on whole school creating community awareness
  • students will experience the whole 'journey' through other students before it is their turn

Students Supporting Each Other

Let us work with your students to develop a whole team approach to supporting each other.  Students learn more from their peers.  They listen more to their peers.  Allow our team to work with groups of  'House Leaders' to become more than just a form member.  Training older students up to support the other students during critical stages within their school journey can have great impact.  Our training would ensure that every form group had support for the following delivered not only by their form tutor but also by their older peers.  Support for the following would be covered in the training to ensure that these 'House Leaders' became highly effective in their role once back in the form groups and in school.

  • Year 7 transition
  • Bullying
  • Options and IAG
  • Coursework
  • Progression and post 16
  • Peer pressure and other life experiences
  • Work experience
  • Examinations
  • 1:1 reading

The training would be tailored to meet the needs of the school.  To find out more contact us today.